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Fourth year

There are two Part III courses administered through the Biochemistry Department

These Part III courses in the fourth year cater for students who expect to continue with post-graduate research, and lead to a Master of Natural Science Degree (MSci) as well as the usual BA to which all Cambridge undergraduate science courses lead.

Part III Biochemistry

The Part III Biochemistry course follows on from the Part II course and allows students who plan to enter biochemical research to pursue a two-term research project during their fourth year, together with continuing advanced teaching in lectures, seminars and discussion groups. Graduates should be equipped to begin postgraduate research, assess new discoveries in biochemistry and related areas as they arise, and be in a position to adapt as the subject develops in the future.

Part III Systems Biology

Systems Biology is an integrated approach to the study of biology through experiment and the use of computer models with both predictive and explanatory power. It is interdisciplinary, requiring the participation of biological, physical, mathematical, engineering and computational sciences. The course website gives a detailed description of the course.