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Department of Biochemistry

Sir William Dunn Professors
Sir William Dunn Professors of Biochemistry
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins FRS (1914-1943) Biographical Memoir
Centenary Lecture Record
Albert Charles Chibnall FRS (1943-1949) Biographical Memoir
Sir Frank George Young FRS (1949-1975) Biographical Memoir
Sir Hans Kornberg FRS (1975-1995) Autobiographical Memoir
Sir Tom Blundell FRS (1995-2009) Research Group
Gerard Evan FRS (2009-current) Research Group


Additional Heads of Department
Richard Perham FRS (1985-1996) Obituary
Biographical Memoir
Dame Jean Thomas FRS (2002-2003, acting) Research Group

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Frederick Gowland Hopkins, the first Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry, c1916.