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Department of Biochemistry




Innsbruck (Austria)


Meeting attendees

•Dr Maria Huete-Ortega (Oroboros)

•Dr Paolo Bombelli

Oroboros 1

 Oroboros 2

Oroboros Instruments is a scientifically oriented company with emphasis on continuous innovation within the field of mitochondria and cell research. Its gold standard technology is the O2k High-Resolution FluoRespirometer (O2k-HRFR) which allows to conduct bioenergetics studies by simultaneously measuring cellular oxygen production and consumption and ROS, Calcium and ATP production. They are currently working on the next generation of this instrument (NextGen-O2k) with which their customers will also be able to do measurements of photosynthesis (oxygen production) at different light intensities and to determine the redox state of the quinone pools in both mitochondria and chloroplasts.

There is more information about it in,1,aD7lV5gaOYeT279awRT9yxbkTx6iOy-MldQ3fo3dLuEa8DDw948ioe42mzsBnHm7z_emdGb_Kii-F3tzlVcv2QS0a1TWuWr131LzhIG6OXbDk2ftqRs_eg,,&typo=1


Dr Huete-Ortega has kindly agreed to test the cell suspensions of 6803 in the BEST device (CH2,3,4 and the n.c. CH1) in the O2K High-Resolution FluoRespirometry. This test was been particularly relevant as the night before the BEST device was kept outdoor at sub-zero temperature. The result are shown in the figure below. Blue traces are the oxygen concentration and red traces are the rate of oxygen variation in pmol/s * mL.

Oroboros data


The conducted test suggests that cells of Synechocystis in the BEST units

(CH2,CH3 ad CH4) are able to consume (dark) and generate (light) oxygen.

Therefore, there are alive.


Many thanks to Dr Huete-Ortega and Oroboros for the time dedicated to me and the BEST device