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Department of Biochemistry

Hopkins Building, Department of Biochemistry

In 2024 the Department of Biochemistry will celebrate 100 years since the first students crossed its doors. After 100 years, we are proud to have a global community with over 3500 alumni spread over 60 countries. After their studies, our alumni have taken many different paths: some of them have gone on to play leading roles in society, industry, business, and academia, and some of them have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Despite this diversity of paths, we are all linked by a passion for the biological sciences and a shared commitment to make a positive impact and a real difference in the world.


Today, we want to reconnect with our alumni to celebrate together their achievements, those of our students, and our researchers; we would love to involve them in the future growth and development of the Department.


We are currently working on developing our alumni network to keep them in touch with us and with each other. We want to create a community where alumni can find old friends and we can reconnect to share news, advice, and expertise.

Whether you were former faculty, a post-doctoral researcher, a PhD student or an undergraduate, you are an alumnus/alumna of Biochemistry. You are also always welcome to visit the Department and we look forward to meeting you at one of our alumni events or our activities.


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