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Department of Biochemistry


2019-03-07 Spireat (Casalbuttano, Italy)

Spireat photo

Meeting attendees

  • Dr Andrea Schievano (Spireat / University of Milano)
  • Dr Antonio Ida (Spireat)
  • Mr Stefano Lanzoni (Spireat)
  • Dr Paolo Bombelli

Spireat aims to developed edible products based on Spirulina. Dr. Schievano has given a complete overview of the facility for the Spirulina production. An indoor photobioreactor (ca.300L) works to inoculate a raceway pound of ca. 20 cubic meters located in a polytunnel. A smaller raceway pond photobioreactor is equipped with a MFC. An innovative wastewater treatment technology based on photosynthetic microorganisms (PM), through the integration of microbial fuel cells in regular raceways-like pond: the e-BioPond® concept.