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Department of Biochemistry

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Hopkins Building

The main access route for the older Biochemistry building has nine external steps with no handrail. An external wheelchair lift is located at the side entrance (to be used with assistance) giving access to the ground floor, Lecture Theatre and Library. From the ground floor another lift is available giving access to all other floors and the Seminar Room. There is one disabled toilet located next to the classrooms at the back of the Wellcome Wing.


Sanger Building

There is an access ramp leading from the roadway to the front door of the newer building. Once inside, there are lifts to access all remaining floors. There is a wheelchair lift giving access to the Lecture Theatre and a ramp to the podium for the lecturer. Disabled toilets are available on the ground and first floors. Wheelchair refuge areas are provided on each floor.


Public events

If you are visiting the Department to attend a public event, such as the Cambridge Science Festival or the University of Cambridge Alumni Festival, please contact the Department's Disabilities Officer for details of the event's specific access arrangements and available facilities.


Further information

For further information or for access enquiries, please contact the Department's Disabilities Officer. Information on the University's provision for disabled staff and students can be found on the Disability Resource Centre website.

Contact details

Disabilities Officer  Steve Godby

Disabilities Officer  Disabilities Officer

Telephone  +44 (0)1223 333605