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Department of Biochemistry

Mass spectrometry data processing; an example drift time (vertical axis) versus mass-to-charge ratio (horizontal axis) plot.
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Dima Chirgadze

Dima Chirgadze

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility.

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Shilo Dickens

Shilo Titus

DNA Sequencing Facility.

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Katherine Stott

Katherine Stott

Biophysics Facility.

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Nianshu Zhang

Nianshu Zhang

Fermentation Facility.


Illustration of the outer surface of a cell membrane. Transmembrane proteins (purple) and glycolipids.

Credit: Science Photo Library


Each Group Leader's profile will indicate whether they are accepting enquiries from prospective students and/or staff.

When making contact, please provide a single page personal statement, your up-to-date CV, and contact information for two academic references.

Specific positions are advertised on the Department's Job Opportunities page.