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Department of Biochemistry


Macromolecular mechanisms of genome duplication and stability

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The faithful inheritance of genetic information is essential to cellular life. Successful transmission of the genetic material requires the accurate replication of the genome and the repair of any DNA lesion that might block replication or alter the encoded message. Failure of the complex molecular systems that preserve the integrity of our DNA is a major contributing factor in human disease.

Our research aims to define structural and functional properties of proteins and protein complexes responsible for the maintenance and replication of our genome.  Our experimental approach involves the reconstitution in vitro of the biological system under investigation, which can then be subject to biochemical and biophysical analysis. We work on processes that pertain to both DNA repair and replication. Please see our publication list below for more information.

Our research is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council.

Lab members: Joseph Maman, Mairi Kilkenny, Neil Rzechorzek, Luay Joudeh, Christopher Morton, Aji Jatikusumo, Yue Zhang, Will Johnson, Anno Koetje.

Enquiries from talented and motivated students wishing to pursue a PhD in our lab are always welcome.



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