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Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments concerning our courses, please contact the Teaching and Examinations Adminstrator who will direct your query to the appropriate person. Queries about the practical classroom should be directed to the Classroom Supervisor.


Teaching strategy, oversight and administration


Course and examination administration including Moodle and Camtools sites, meetings of the Consultative and Management Committees, and distribution of handouts to supervisors, lecturers and examiners


Queries about examinations


Academic issues relating to our courses raised by students, supervisors, Directors of Studies, lecturers and examiners (all can be contacted via

  • MIMS Course Organiser: Dr Marc de la Roche 
  • BMB Course Organiser: Dr Dee Scadden 
  • Part II Biochemistry Course Organiser: Dr Darerca Owen
  • Part III Biochemistry Course Organiser: Dr Helen Mott
  • Part III Systems Biology Course Organiser: Prof. Steve Russell (Genetics)


Practical organisation

  • Classroom Supervisor: Dr Siolian Ball  
  • Part I Practical Organiser: Prof. Guy Brown via


Part II and Part III entry


Colman Library


Student Representatives are listed on the course Moodle sites