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Device Electrical Output

2019-02-22 (Friday, Southampton, UK)

The BEST device has a fresh look with NEW fancy labels.

The BEST device new labels

Thank to the external resistors provided by Anthony and Peter the first polarisation and power curve are now available.

2019-02-22 BEST device Polarization and Power curve

2019-02-27 (Wednesday, Barcelona, Spain)

 2019-02-27 BEST device Polarization and Power curve


2019-03-05 (Tuesday, Innsbruck, Austria)

Dr Huete-Ortegafrom Oroboros has kindly agreed to test the cell suspensions of 6803 in the BEST device (CH2,3,4 and the n.c. CH1) in the O2K High-Resolution FluoRespirometry. This test was been particularly relevant as the night before the BEST device was kept outdoor at sub-zero temperature in Innsbruck (Austria). The result are shown in the figure below. Blue traces are the oxygen concentration and red traces are the rate of oxygen variation in pmol/(s * mL).

Oroboros data

The conducted test suggests that Synechocystis in the BEST units (CH2,CH3 ad CH4) are able to consume (dark) and generate (light) oxygen. Therefore, there are alive. 2019-03-05 (Tuesday, Innsbruck, Austria).


2019-03-09 (Saturday, Milano, Italy), external resistor 22kΩ

2019-03-09 BEST Chrono


2019-03-10 (Sunday, Milano, Italy)

2019-03-10  BEST device Polarization and Power curve



2019-03-18 (Monday, Tirana, Albania)

2019-03-19 BEST device Polarisation and Power curve


 2019-03-25 (Monday, Budapest, Hungary)

2019-03-25 BEST device Polarisation and Power curve



 2019-04-06 (Saturday, Trondheim, Norway)

2019-04-06 BEST device



 2019-04-19 (Friday, Reykjavik, Iceland)

2019-04-19 BEST polarisation curve

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Dr Paolo Bombelli


Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
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