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Department of Biochemistry

An artist's impression of research in the Department.

The Department provides enthusiastic support for early career scientists who wish to establish their own research programmes and laboratories through fellowships such as Wellcome Career Development Awards or UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships. The Department has more than 30 research groups with interests that fall broadly into the following areas:

  • Chemical biology and drug design,

  • Disease biology,

  • DNA and chromatin biology,

  • Molecular microbiology,

  • Plant biochemistry and bioenergy,

  • RNA biology,

  • Signalling and trafficking,

  • Systems biology.


The Department and the School of Biological Sciences offer a dynamic environment where our research programmes benefit from state-of-the-art facilities.

If you are interested in obtaining the Department's support for application to granting agencies, it is very important that you discuss your potential application with current members of the Department. If you are unsure about who to contact, please email the Department's Research Facilitator who will identify a faculty member for you to discuss your potential application.


How to apply

The call is currently closed.


Target schemes

Target Fellowship schemes include:

Contact details

For applications and enquiries:

Research Facilitator  Marta Tenconi

Research Facilitator  Research Facilitator



Research Fellowships Team  Research Fellowships Team