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History of the Department

These pages comprise the first phase of a project to tell the story of Biochemistry in Cambridge from its earliest inception to the present day.

There are two parts to the story. The first is a general description of how the Department came into being, the buildings it has occupied and the major figures who shaped its development. The second is the scientific account of how seeds of work initiated in the Department have been developed in laboratories across the world during the past 100 years to have major impacts on contemporary plant biochemistry and biomedical science.

These stories complement an archive of the associated written and photographic material. The photographs are in album form (Volume 1 and Volume 2) with a comprehensive index linking in to individual pictures in an archive generated by Francis Ambler.

In this first phase, the brief history is essentially confined to the years before the Second World War. We welcome any comments, amendments or contributions, especially from past or present members of the Department.

Forward to History part 1: An outline

Robin Hesketh, June 2011