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Department of Biochemistry


Biochemistry Alumni Day 2023

For the first time, on Saturday, 1st of July, the Department of Biochemistry opened its doors to welcome back alumni for a day full of activities.

The day started with an exhibition of historic images and alumni class pictures, and an introduction from Head of Department, Eric Miska. Our alumni then had the opportunity to look around the Department and listen to current staff members, Mark Carrington, Chris Howe, Laura Machesky, and Kathryn Lilley talk about their latest research.

Some alumni joined a tour of our state-of-the-art Cryo-Electron-Microscopes facility, led by Dima Chirgadze, and had the chance to visit their old laboratories.

There was also time to catch up and reminisce with peers and with some Faculty members and students.

A lunch was hosted in the Sanger common room and garden.

The day finished with a quiz about the history of the Department. We congratulate Dr David Bailey who won the first prize: a jar of our unique Cambridge Floral Honey.

At the event over 50 alumni, who studied in the Department from 1962, and their guests joined us. The day was a great success. We were delighted to welcome back so many people, and we are keen to make it an annual tradition!