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Florian Hollfelder

Mechanism in Chemistry and Biology

Nature has evolved the most amazing functional biomolecules and we want to know how they work. Enzymes are the all-purpose catalysts that make the Chemistry of Life run smoothly and efficiently, under the mildest, ‘greenest’ conditions – and protein binders are involved in governing many biological processes.

This group is interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the principles responsible for molecular recognition processes in chemistry and biology. We probe whether these principles enable us to describe, manipulate and ultimately make functional molecules. Using an eclectic mix of techniques (including kinetic measurements, organic synthesis, biophysical analysis and microengineering) we extend the mechanistic lessons learned to potential applications in biotechnology, chemistry and medicine. In particular we are excited about the potential of pico- to nanolitre mircrodroplets to provide a quantitative high-throughput system that provides insight not only into one reaction at a time, but - by way of massive multiplexing - lets us study millions of samples in one go.

Lab members: Chloé Bleuez, Lise BoursinhacEleanor Campbell, Súil Collins, Joachim De Jonghe, Stephane Emond, Katrin Fischer, Thomas Fryer, Michael Herger, Barbara Hogan, Josephin Holstein, Raphaelle Hours, Miriam Klaus, Philipp Knyphausen, Wolfgang Koch, Timo Kohler, Simon Ladevèze, Laurens Lindenburg, Philip Mair, Christopher Mellor, Tomasz KaminskiKatharina Neufeld, Stefanie Neun, Maya Petek, Mariana Rangel Pereira, Joel Rogers, Remkes Scheele, David Schnettler, Kalliopi Skamaki, Liisa Van Vliet, Paul Zurek.

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Key publications:

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