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Department of Biochemistry

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Scientific Meeting, 12-15 September 2022, at the Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool.


Small G proteins of the Ras superfamily regulate a plethora of cell signalling pathways and impact on most biological processes. Deregulation of these proteins and their pathways often results in disease, such as cancer and genetic disorders, and plays a role in infection by pathogenic organisms. The founding member of this superfamily of proteins, Ras, drives ~20% of human cancers and its inhibition is a goal of global importance.

Sessions at the meeting will cover the most exciting, cutting-edge topics in small G protein signalling:

  • Small G proteins in disease: challenges and progress
  • Post-translational modifications, localisation and compartmentalisation
  • Small G protein function in context
  • Regulators and modulators
  • Downstream signalling
  • Systems analysis of small G protein networks


Join us in Liverpool for #GP22 #Gproteins22!


Programme coordinators

Darerca Owen

Helen Mott

Ian Prior


#Gproteins22 conference logo.

Credit: Darerca Owen and Helen Mott, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.


Darerca Owen and Helen Mott

Publication date

15 June 2022