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The Department's buildings are currently open for wet laboratory work only. We have carried out a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and have introduced a number of new measures to ensure the safety of our staff, including reduced building occupancy, strict social distancing, 'family'-based working, and increased cleaning and hygiene regimes. All staff who can work remotely will do so for the foreseeable future. Please continue to contact us by email until further notice.

Department of Biochemistry

Gas-phase ions being generated in a nano-electrospray ion source.

The Proteomics Facility will shortly be relocating from the Milner Therapeutics Institute in the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre to the Department of Pharmacology.


The Facility is due to physically move the week commencing Monday 16 November and will be packing equipment in the laboratory from Monday 9 November. Therefore, the Facility is unable to accept new samples for analysis from 14:30 on Thursday 5 November.

Following the move, new samples will be accepted from Thursday 26 November. A new procedure for dropping off samples will be confirmed in due course.

Please do not send samples to the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre after Thursday 5 November as there will be no one on site to collect them. As a reminder, samples delivered in person must be sealed inside a clean plastic bag or they will not be accepted.


The new address for the Facility will be:

Cambridge Centre for Proteomics,
Department of Pharmacology,
University of Cambridge,
Tennis Court Road,
CB2 1PD.


Gas-phase ions being generated in a nano-electrospray ion source.

Credit: Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.


Mike Deery

Publication date

27 October 2020