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Department of Biochemistry


Students undertake a research project lasting eight weeks offered by members of the Department (see:  Please note that not all Group Leaders will host a research project every year because of sabbatical leave.  Projects may also be undertaken at other Cambridge locations such as the Gurdon Institute for Cancer and Developmental Biology, the Systems Biology Institute, the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry (Institute of Metabolic Science), the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, the Unilever Cambridge Centre for Molecular Informatics and the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

Students may suggest their own projects at such a location but must submit it for approval by the Course and Project Organisers.  The project may be based on bench experiments or be computer based, such as bioinformatics, protein structure prediction or an in-depth analysis of current literature on a current topic (e.g. the safety of genetically engineered food).  Our goal is for each member of the Part II class to work on the type of project he/she wishes.