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Department of Biochemistry

A postgraduate student receiving practical training.

Biochemistry postgraduate students will each join and fully participate in a research laboratory associated with their primary supervisor. All students will further participate in the following:

  • Advanced techniques lectures and workshops,

  • Peer research group fortnightly meetings to network, and to discuss and present research progress with colleagues,

  • Postgraduate Thesis Panel meetings comprising three independent academics to monitor and discuss your progress,

  • Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports to plan and track all facets of your postgraduate education and development,

  • Weekly seminars and an annual PhD Symposium.


In addition to the development of skills in the core steps of scientific research, students will also develop skills in:

  • Sourcing, assessing and critically evaluating scientific literature,

  • Time, data and resource management,

  • Collaborative and interpersonal professional behaviour,

  • Leadership.

Contact details

Postgraduate Administration Office  Postgraduate Administration Office

Telephone  +44 (0)1223 766025

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