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Department of Biochemistry


An introduction to supervising postgraduate research projects

Students enter a specific lab in the Biochemistry Department, often their funding will be attached to a specific project. A project may develop into a new area, but often the starting off point or the broad project area is defined before a student joins a particular research group. The department has a number of studentships that are available every year. These are generally selected by an interview panel as well as the Departmental Postgraduate Committee. 

Postdocs are not generally involved in the specific selection of potential students, though they can be involved in interviews in individual labs. However, when a student joins a particular lab, they are often assigned a postdoc who works within their immediate project area. Postdocs can also suggest potential projects for students to their supervisor. In general, this type of supervision is more informally arranged and the level of involvement can vary widely depending on the setup of individual research groups.