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Department of Biochemistry

Keir Murison in the laboratory

Keir Murison has co-authored an article for The Biochemist magazine.


Keir Murison, one of our Department's Part III students, has co-authored an article alongside Dr Michelle Holland (King's College London) for The Biochemist magazine; "RNA modifications shed new light on DNA's older brother".

In speaking about his article, Keir said: "Delving into the delightful world of DNA modifications to find some sense in this new field has important implications for many biological processes, including disease and ageing, where we've not previously considered the influences of the epigenome."

The full article is available in the October 2017 Epigenetics issue of The Biochemist.


Keir is currently a Part III student in Professor Ernest Laue's group, using single molecule imaging to investigate kinetics of the nucleosome remodelling complex in real time on different nucleosome variants. This follows on from his Part II project where he investigated proteins that protect imprints from demethylation in the pre-implantation embryo. Keir is particularly interested in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression and plans to research in this field for his PhD.


Keir Murison in the laboratory.

Credit: Rhys Grant, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge.


Rhys Grant

Publication date

7 November 2017