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The European Research Council has announced the awarding of its Advanced Grants to 231 top researchers in Europe.


The grants fall under the 'Excellent Science' pillar of the EU's R&I programme Horizon 2020 and allow researchers a chance to realise their most creative ideas that can have a major impact on science, society and the economy.

Congratulations to Ben Luisi who is one of the recipients of these grants.

Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: "The ERC grants, funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020, give freedom to scientists to follow their best ideas and make a real difference in science and beyond. ERC grantees' work and accomplishments are the best way for the EU to reconnect and engage with its citizens. With those new results, I'm very proud to see that now all the 28 EU countries host ERC grants."

More information can be found in the ERC's press release.


Stephanie Low

Publication date

10 April 2017