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Department of Biochemistry

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Research Group Leaders

Research Opportunities Each Group Leader's profile will indicate whether they are accepting enquiries from prospective students and/or staff. When making contact, please provide a single page personal statement, your up-to-date CV, and contact information for two academic references. Specific...

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An artist's impression of research in the Department.

Independent Research Fellowships in Biochemistry

Independent Research Fellowships 2023 The Department of Biochemistry provides enthusiastic support for early career scientists who wish to establish their own research programmes and labs through career development fellowships. Synergy with our current research groups is important to us. We are...

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LUMICKS collaborates with AstraZeneca and our Department to form the Centre of Excellence for Dynamic Single-Molecule Analysis for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Biology.


The Department of Biochemistry welcomes enquiries from industry to discuss possibilities for collaborative work. The Department is the largest in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge, with a research portfolio that covers a broad array of interconnected themes. As a...

ATP production in a mitochondrion.

Credit: Science Photo Library.