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Overview of outreach activities


The Department participates in a number of outreach activities, the largest of which is the annual University of Cambridge Science Festival.

The Department takes part in the University Open Days, which allow school students to visit and which help them gather information about the courses and facilities available in Cambridge.

Further details about Cambridge Science Festival and Open Days may be found by following the links on the right.

Members of the Department also often give lectures in schools and elsewhere.

We also host work placement students, giving them exposure to life in scientific laboratories.

The Cambridge Science Magazine, BlueSci, has had several editors and contributors from the Department of Biochemistry.

Many members of the Department take part in College based outreach and widening participation events.

The Cambridge Science Festival is an annual event in early Spring with an extensive, typically interactive programme covering all fields of science found in Cambridge.

The Department of Biochemistry has been involved for a number of years, organising open afternoons with special themes that describe the research in the Department. Visitors have the opportunity to perform simple scientific experiments, and learn about biochemistry and how it affects everyday life. Many of the activities are designed to enable children to participate.

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