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Vehicle pool policy

General Conditions

The School of the Biological Sciences has a fleet of vehicles that may be used by any of the Departments within the School. This is administered through the BioPath Stores, Department of Biochemistry. Vehicles are leased out on a time basis and funds recharged as per usage. Users may pre-book a vehicle up to one month in advance. Vehicles are to be used for University business only.

Driver Requirements
  • All current and potential users of School vehicles must be registered with the Fleet Manager.
  • Driving Licences - all drivers must hold a current full driving licence that is valid for use in the United Kingdom. Licences must not have more than nine penalty points, additional offences will be reviewed on an individual basis. The Fleet Manager will hold a photocopy of driver licences, which will be checked (and these checks will be documented) on an annual basis.
  • Driver Experience – drivers must have at least 12 month’s experience on a full licence.
  • Driver Health – all drivers must be able to satisfy current regulations regarding eyesight and other health criteria. Drivers are responsible for notifying the Fleet Manager if their circumstances preclude them from using a university vehicle.
  • Radioactive Substances – any driver wishing to carry radioactive substances must have received formal University training regarding these duties. Please refer to departmental Radiation Protection Supervisors for further advice.


Vehicle requirements
  • MOT – All vehicles that require an MOT Test certificate will be subject to an annual MOT inspection. Failed vehicles will not be made available for use until rectification work has taken place, and a new certificate issued. The Fleet Manager is responsible for ensuring that all vehicles have a current MOT Certificate (if required).
  • Servicing –all vehicles will be serviced according to the manufacturers guidelines. The Fleet Manager is responsible for ensuring that vehicles are not used if they have exceeded their routine service interval.
  • Routine Checks – all vehicles are subjected to pre-use visual inspections (to include visual inspection of tyre condition, windscreen wipers & wash fluid). These checks will be documented on the appropriate form. Defects must be reported to the Fleet Manager immediately and rectified before the vehicle is taken.
  • Weekly Checks – The Fleet Manager is responsible for conducting weekly checks (to include tyre pressures, seatbelts, lights, oils, coolant, brake fluid levels). These will be documented for each vehicle. The Fleet Manager is responsible for ensuring the timely repair of all defects.
  • Vehicle Equipment – all vehicles will carry a basic tool kit, a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency contact list.


  • Approved warning signage must be displayed dependant on type of goods being carried.
  • Loads – it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the load being carried is securely stowed and does not constitute a risk to vehicle occupants and other road users.
  • The carriage of radioactive materials must be pre-agreed with the Fleet Manager and the RPS of the departments concerned (i.e. originating and destination departments).


Journey Requirements
  • Journey Details – details of proposed route will be logged at the time of vehicle collection. Estimated time of return must also be noted. It is the driver′s responsibility to notify the Fleet Manager of delays in returning the vehicle.
  • Accidents – it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that accidents on public roads are dealt with appropriately. All accidents must be reported to the Fleet Manager at the earliest opportunity.
  • Long Journeys – drivers should rest for 15mins every two hours (HSE guidelines).


Booking Arrangements
  • Vehicles must be booked by using the online booking form.
  • Vehicles may be booked up to four weeks in advance of intended use.
  • Vehicles are booked in half-hour slots and charged back to the Department according to mileage, (see 'Charges' page for details).