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There is a black and white laser printer and a colour laser printer on the Library network. The black and white printer is located in the Library Annexe, and the colour printer is situated in the Reception. There is a small charge to print. You pay in advance to the Assistant Librarian and the amount is credited to your account. As you print this account is drawn upon until there is nothing left. At that point you will be unable to print any more until you replenish your account. Currently the printing cost is 3p per sheet single-sided b/w, 5p per sheet if double-sided b/w, 30p per sheet colour.

The first time that you use the printer from a PC, you need to add the printer to your account by:

  • Go to Settings at the Start menu, then click on printers and Faxes
  • Click add printer, point to seshat
  • Set up your default printer to HP Laser Jet 2430 PS (Black/white printer).

For double sided printing:

  • Go to Printing Preferences/Properties
  • click on Finishing
  • At Document Options, drop down the box and choose the option desired (eg: print on both sides etc)

Please note that when an option is selected, it would remain until you change it.

To print in colour, select Printer Lib4550 on sashet

Free quota

At the start Lent term,  the Part II/III Course Co-ordinator and the Assistant Librarian will determine the number of copies of Options Lecturers’ material, which could reasonably be classified as 'handouts'.  Part II/III students will be allowed to print this number of copies free of charge. The amount will be credited to your account at beginning of the Lent term.