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All the computers are linked to the Library’s Local Area Network. PCs attached to the network are situated in the main part of the Library. All machines currently run Windows XP.


At the beginning of an academic year, all Part II/III and PhD students will be issued a personal library network login ID and the password. Your login name will be the same as your Hermes login name.

To login on XP machines, you must press simultaneously the keys Ctrl, Alt and Del. A login window will appear with two boxes, one for your login name, and the other for your password.

Please change your password as soon as possible after receiving it and every couple of months thereafter or whenever you feel it might be compromised. The preferred method of changing your password is by using the ‘ChangeMyPassword’ shortcut that can be found on the desktop.

Good passwords contain combinations of lower-and upper-case letters, with numbers and special symbols such as punctuation marks. They should not be words found in a dictionary or anything else that may easily be guessed.

Please Note:

Your password must be between 6 and 8 characters long.

Any user of University of Cambridge computing facilities has to abide by the rules set out by the University ISSS.