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Journals/Serials held in the Colman Library

Most of the library resources are journals and serials. The Colman Library defines Journals as those periodicals that are published on a regular basis throughout the year, and which are received in paperback format. Serials are defined as periodicals that are received in a hardback format and which are published irregularly or annually.

All journals and serials are on the Newton Library Catalogue, under database Departments and Faculties A-E. To do a search, type the title in the search box on the left, and highlight ‘Journal Title’ in the search box on the right, then click on 'Search'.

    A finding list to help locate the journals is displayed in the Library; there is a comprehensive list of the journals and serials held in the Colman Library on the right.

    Locating Journals elsewhere in Cambridge

    Cambridge University Libraries has an online public access catalogue - Newton, which is co-ordinated by the University Library. There are eight databases on the Newton at the moment, which detail the journal and serial holdings of all University and College Libraries. There is an online help facility, but if you need any further help, please ask the Assistant Librarian.

    Electronic Journals

    The most comprehensive list of electronic journals, for which full text is available, is the University Library's A-Z of Electronic Journals. Access methods vary, but the most common are:

    • ID/Password controlled: Most of the resources are available off-campus to current staff and students with a Raven password or a VPDN connection.
    • IP address recognition: the provider will check that your IP address matches those on the site-licence
    • Domain recognition: the provider recognises your computer as being in the domain

    There are many journals for which we do not have a subscription to the electronic version. For these, you will be able to view Table of Contents and article abstracts only. In some cases full text can be supplied on a 'pay-per-view' basis: information on costs and payment methods are given online.

    ScienceDirect Backfiles

    ScienceDirect gives access to journals from the first issue of publication. See a list of available Biochemistry journals on the right and follow the link to ScienceDirect for access and further details.