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Books and e-books

Book Catalogue for Cambridge

Cambridge University has an online public access catalogue-Newton, which is co-ordinated by the University Library. There are eight databases which detail book holdings in the University and College Libraries.

All of the Colman Library's book stock is included in the Departments and Faculties A-E database.

Books at the main University Library are detailed in the University Library and Dependent Libraries.

There is a help facility on Newton, but if you need further help, please ask the Assistant Librarian.

Classified Books (Main Book Collection)

This is the main book stock and will include general and specific texts in a number of key subject areas. The books are categorised using an in-house scheme. Within each section, the books are shelved alphabetically by author/editor.


Part I Reference

Undergraduate textbooks and recommended books for MVST IA Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, and NST IB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The items are shelved alphabetically by author.

General Reference/Dictionaries

A small stock which includes general reference books, information related to the University of Cambridge, information on grants and research funding, postgraduate information and language dictionaries.

Scientific Reference

Assorted items including scientific encyclopaedias and dictionaries, pharmacopoeias, handbooks, tables, formulae, and nomenclatures.

Safety Reference

A small collection relating to laboratory and office safety. Items include the University of Cambridge Safety Manual, HSE and HMSO publications. Items are not borrowable. Safety Officers in the Department also have relevant material, and if you are looking for specific information/advice, you should also consult them. In addition, further information is available from the University's Safety Office.