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The Department houses a number of administrative and research support facilities, most of which are open to other departments and also have external university and commercial clients.

BioPath stores: Large stock of lab and office supplies and ordering from external suppliers

Photography and graphics: Wide range of services including printing, posters and design

Vehicle pool: Hire of vehicles at reasonable rates; available on a flexible basis

Protein analysis: The Cambridge Centre for Proteomics (CCP) and the Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry (PNAC) Facility offer a range of complementary services to facilitate protein and peptide identification, quantitation of protein levels and characterisation of post-translational modifications.

DNA sequencing: Services from the validation of single mutations in individual genes up to sequencing of entire genomes.

Metabolomics: Profiling of all the small molecule metabolites found in a tissue, biofluid or cell.

Fermentation facility: Yeast and other organisms are used especially in systems biology studies.

Crystallographic X-ray facility: X-ray crystallography and macromolecular crystallisation services.

NMR facility: NMR instrumentation, research infrastructure and expertise.

Biophysics facility: Instrumentation for biophysical characterisation of macromolecules and their interactions.


The facility managers are responsible for their web sites.