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Department of Biochemistry

A scientist viewing a microfluidic chip.

The aim of the Biochemistry Department is to make discoveries that provide insights and a greater understanding of the mechanisms of life, ageing and illness through basic and applied research. Our science contributes to the knowledge needed to answer some of the greatest questions faced by humanity.

Your donation will help us to understand:

  • How the integrity of DNA is maintained,
  • What goes wrong in cancer,
  • How infectious pathogens cause disease and how some resist antibiotics,
  • What happens when we age,
  • How to enhance food production and security,
  • How new bioenergy sources can be developed.


Biochemistry Future Fund

We aim to recruit and educate the brightest minds, and to provide a supportive environment for early career researchers to flourish. Your contribution will provide opportunities for new researchers to take risks and to develop innovative and complex research programmes.

Please contact our Research Facilitator to donate today.

Contact details

Research Facilitator  Marta Tenconi

Research Facilitator  Research Facilitator