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Signalling and trafficking

Functional and structural analyses of cell signalling and trafficking processes

Tom Blundell

Structural biology, bioinformatics and drug discovery

Tom Blundell - Read More…

Guy Brown

Neuroinflammation, mitochondria and cell death

Guy Brown - Read More…

Jenny Gallop

Membrane-triggered actin polymerization: molecular mechanisms and morphogenesis

Jenny Gallop - Read More…

Nick Gay

Structural biology of cellular signalling by Toll/Interleukin 1 transmembrane receptors

Nick Gay - Read More…

Marko Hyvönen

Specificity, regulation and inhibition of protein-protein interactions in cellular signalling

Marko Hyvönen - Read More…

Tony Jackson

Ion channels and plasma membrane proteins

Tony Jackson - Read More…

Stephanie Jung

Platelet collagen receptor GPVI-dimer— a specific target in ischaemic heart disease and stroke

Stephanie Jung - Read More…

Sarah Lummis

Molecular characterization of neurotransmitter-gated ion channels

Sarah Lummis - Read More…

Helen Mott

Structure, function and dynamics of small G proteins and their downstream effectors

Helen Mott - Read More…

Daniel Nietlispach

Integral membrane proteins: structure, dynamics and function

Daniel Nietlispach - Read More…

Darerca Owen

G proteins and their effectors as therapeutic targets in invasion and metastasis

Darerca Owen - Read More…

Simone Weyand

Membrane protein structure, function and cellular activities

Simone Weyand - Read More…

Image: Simone Weyand