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Molecular microbiology

Investigating the molecular and cellular biology of bacteria and unicellular eukaryotes and the molecular basis of pathogenesis

Mark Carrington

Molecular and cellular biology of trypanosomes

Mark Carrington - Read More…

Chris Howe

Biochemistry of photosynthesis; molecular evolution of photosynthetic microorganisms and Plasmodium

Chris Howe - Read More…

James Locke

Quantitative understanding of how cells respond to environmental signals

James Locke - Read More…

Ellen Nisbet

Molecular evolution - from algae to malaria

Ellen Nisbet - Read More…

George Salmond

Molecular microbiology: bacterial quorum sensing, virulence, protein secretion, antibiotics, gas vesicles and flotation, toxin-antitoxin systems and bacteriophage abortive infection

George Salmond - Read More…

Ross Waller

Cell evolution – novel chromatin biology, remodelling of the cytoskeleton for parasitism, and organellogenesis in diverse eukaryotes

Ross Waller - Read More…

Martin Welch

Regulation of Virulence and Biofilm Formation by Pathogenic Bacteria

Martin Welch - Read More…

Image: Rebecca Buckley, Carrington lab summer student