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DNA and chromatin biology

Understanding how the genome is packaged, expressed, replicated and

Tom Blundell

Structural biology, bioinformatics and drug discovery

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Brian Hendrich

Transcriptional control of stem cell fate

Brian Hendrich - Read More…

Steve Jackson

Maintenance of genome stability

Steve Jackson - Read More…

Svetlana Khoronenkova

DNA repair and neurodegenerative diseases

Svetlana Khoronenkova - Read More…

Ernest Laue

Chromatin assembly and genome structure

Ernest Laue - Read More…

Luca Pellegrini

Macromolecular mechanisms of genome duplication and stability

Luca Pellegrini - Read More…

Katherine Stott

The role of disordered proteins in nucleic acid condensation and scaffolding

Katherine Stott - Read More…

Jean Thomas

Chromatin and gene regulatory proteins

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Ross Waller

Cell evolution – novel chromatin biology, remodelling of the cytoskeleton for parasitism, and organellogenesis in diverse eukaryotes

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