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Chemical biology and drug design

Using the tools of structural and chemical biology to characterize and
manipulate enzymes, biosynthetic processes, protein-protein and cell to
cell interactions.

Tom Blundell

Structural biology, bioinformatics and drug discovery

Tom Blundell - Read More…

Bill Broadhurst

Structural dynamics of modular polyketide synthases

Bill Broadhurst - Read More…

Florian Hollfelder

Mechanism in Chemistry and Biology

Florian Hollfelder - Read More…

Marko Hyvönen

Specificity, regulation and inhibition of protein-protein interactions in cellular signalling

Marko Hyvönen - Read More…

Peter Leadlay

Molecular assembly lines and combinatorial biosynthesis

Peter Leadlay - Read More…

Helen Mott

Structure, function and dynamics of small G proteins and their downstream effectors

Helen Mott - Read More…

Luca Pellegrini

Macromolecular mechanisms of genome duplication and stability

Luca Pellegrini - Read More…

Katherine Stott

The role of disordered proteins in nucleic acid condensation and scaffolding

Katherine Stott - Read More…

Image: Bill Broadhurst