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Department of Biochemistry


List of our recent events held in the Department

5-cubed Mixers

Wednesday 13th February, 11am, Sanger Perham Seminar Room

The Biochemistry Postdoc 5-cubed mixer is back, following on from the success of last term's event!

The session will once again feature quick 5-slide, 5-minute presentations from 5 different postdoc speakers.

The event will take place on Wednesday 13th February in the Sanger Perham Seminar Room. Talks will run between 11am - 12noon, followed by a free lunch until 1pm.
If you plan to attend, please register by clicking here 



Heather Bruce - "Exploring interactions between a Frankenstein's monster RNA, other chimeric RNAs, and bacterial post-transcriptional regulatory proteins"
Angela Rubio-Tenor - "Y-east side story"
Vitor Mendes - "Fragments: use the simple to uncover the complex"
Luay Joudeh - "Elucidating the universal role of BRCA2 as recombination mediator using Cryo-EM and Single-Molecule Imaging" 
Paivi Pihlajamaa - “Studying transcriptional targets of the MYC oncogene using focused and genome-wide CRISPR-methods”
5 cubed - session 2
5 cube _ session 2

Mince Pies and Wine


Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes a postdoc Mince Pies & Wine Happy Hour. Please join for some festive spirit, mince pies & free drinks, and an opportunity to catch up with colleagues old and new.

What: Mince Pies & Wine Happy Hour - free drinks, mince pies & mingling
When: 5pm onwards on Tuesday 11th December
Where: Hopkins Tea room (with an extra warm welcome to anyone based in the Sanger building!)
Hope to see many of you there!


5-cubed Mixers

Thursday 25 October, 5pm, Hopkins Stephenson Seminar Room

The Biochemistry Postdoc Committee is looking to start a new series of postdoc events. We're calling these the '5-cubed mixers'; each session will feature 5-slide, 5-minute presentations from 5 different postdoc speakers, running once a term.

The aim is to create opportunities for postdocs to meet each other, learn about who's doing what and start conversations (and collaborations). Slides should just provide a quick overview of what the speaker is working. To encourage collaboration and sharing of expertise within the department, the last slide of each talk should highlight 

(1) speaker's areas of expertise, or topics they feel they could share advice on (eg, chromatin biology or cell culture) 

(2) a topic or a technique where the speaker would possibly like some advice from colleagues (eg DNA repair or protein crystallography).

First event will take place on Thursday October 25th in the Hopkins Stephenson Seminar Room, from (naturally....) 5 pm.  Beer and pizza will follow.... 


Marcin Skwark - "Inverse problems in biology"

Jo Rees - "Proximity labelling and proteomics"

Tom Smith - "Protein localisation and Protein-RNA binding dynamics"

David Minde - "Structural protein dynamics across kingdoms of life"

Jeffrey Douglass -  "Leveraging solar energy for bio-conversion of food waste"


PostDoc Happy Hour

Thursday 11 October, 5pm, Sanger Common room

Here comes the first Happy Hour of the academic year - held on Thursday 11 Octoberat the Sanger Common room, from 5pm onwards. Please join for some free drinks and an opportunity to catch up with colleagues.

All Department welcome, so do encourage all your lab members to join us!

2018 Biochemistry Postdoc Research Day

Thursday July 19th, 14:30-17:30, Sanger Lecture Theatre

This year's Biochemistry Postdoc Research Day features 5 interesting and varied talks by Postdocs from across the Department. FREE Afternoon tea and a FREE family-friendly evening BBQ (from 17:30) will be provided. This is a great opportunity to learn about the broad range of research undertaken by your peers, and to find out more about the expertise available in the Department.

Please register via eventbrite:

Confirmed speakers (in no particular order....):

David P Minde & Manasa Ramakrishna (Lilley Group) - 'Cell-deep insights from surface biotins' 

Eleanor Campbell (Hollfelder Group) - 'Enzyme Evolution: A dynamic approach to a molecular fossil record' 

Philipp Knyphausen (Hollfelder Group) - 'Directed evolution of proteases using bacterial alpha-2-macroglobulin'

Cathy Wilson (Evan Group) - 'Myc's ticket to transcribe' 

Roderik Kortlever (Evan Group) - 'Myc is an immunosuppressive switch'