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Postdocs - Overview

A website for Postdocs based in the Department of Biochemistry. These pages will be updated regularly, but if you want to get in contact you can do so via

 5-cubed Mixers

Thursday 25 October, 5pm, Hopkins Stephenson Seminar Room

The Biochemistry Postdoc Committee is looking to start a new series of postdoc events. We're calling these the '5-cubed mixers'; each session will feature 5-slide, 5-minute presentations from 5 different postdoc speakers, running once a term.

The aim is to create opportunities for postdocs to meet each other, learn about who's doing what and start conversations (and collaborations). Slides should just provide a quick overview of what the speaker is working. To encourage collaboration and sharing of expertise within the department, the last slide of each talk should highlight 

(1) speaker's areas of expertise, or topics they feel they could share advice on (eg, chromatin biology or cell culture) 

(2) a topic or a technique where the speaker would possibly like some advice from colleagues (eg DNA repair or protein crystallography).

First event will take place on Thursday October 25th in the Hopkins Stephenson Seminar Room, from (naturally....) 5 pm.  Beer and pizza will follow.... 


Marcin Skwark - "Inverse problems in biology"

Jo Rees - "Proximity labelling and proteomics"

Tom Smith - "Protein localisation and Protein-RNA binding dynamics"

David Minde - "Structural protein dynamics across kingdoms of life"

Jeffrey Douglass -  "Leveraging solar energy for bio-conversion of food waste"



Please take a moment to register to help us estimate numbers for catering: -