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Fourth Biochemistry bike ride

scenic routeWe left the Sanger Building Reception at 5.05pm on 5th September, the weather bright, warm, but humid.  The six riders enjoyed the scenic route from Brooklands Ave along the brook side before joining Long Rd and heading through Addenbrooke's to Worts' Causeway and the East.  The hill to the Roman Road access was the steepest and the busiest part of the route.  Once onto the Road, the downhill run past Wandlebury was enjoyed by all, though thereafter the Road was more overgrown, and we were nettled and scratched all round.  All avoided puncturing, a frequent occurrence on this stretch.  Stung more by Dr Welch's remarks about our slow pace and limited ambition than the nettles, a Committee was formed to consider extending the route beyond the A11 as far as the Hildersham Road.  A working party, of six, elected to explore the extension, to allow the Committee to present its report during the Michaelmas Term.  Their interim findings are that this was a feasible plan, and would allow, with suitable guidance from Dr Hyvonen, navigation through Little Abington, onto the old A11, across the footbridge over the dual carriageway, taking the path back to Babraham, and rejoining the original planned route.  The party took then took footpath over the Granta, hugging the riverside behind the Institute, where inmates could be seen playing on the lawns. Then through several kissing gates, through the woods, over the Granta again and up to Stapleford.  There we divided, with Two heading back to town.  Four followed a prior suggestion from a connoisseur of Recovery Fluids, Dr Ball, and found themselves in the garden of the Three Horseshoes, so in need of recovery that a more extended stay was required.  At 8 pm, the party were sufficiently restored as to make their respective ways back to their homes and bike sheds.  33k, 2 hours riding. Chapeaux! *Futile Cyclist.*