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Administrative overview

Head of Department: Professor Gerard Evan

Research group leaders can be found by name or by research theme.

Maps, telephone switchboard, postal addresses and access details are to be found in About us.

Published email addresses for individuals are found using the University email and phone search.

External: Please look at the web links on the right where given below. If the answer to your question is not on the web site, or the web site has restricted access, please try one of the contacts given (eg for work experience, postgraduate admissions). If you cannot locate the correct contact please email the webmaster (see link below).

Within Cambridge: you can use Lookup to view more details for members (by name) and contacts (eg kitchen, maintenance) than are given below.

The Head of Department is the contact for concerns over matters of inclusivity or harassment.

Administrative roles

Phone Email Web
Departmental administrator Nick Smith 333616
Principal assistant Ryan Bentley 333619
Administrative officer Debbie Canham 333608
Head of Department's secretary Fiona Goodman 765944
Personnel (Human Resources) Adriana Dote 333617 Personnel
Personnel (Research)
Debbie Stanley 333617 Personnel
Facilities, projects
Amy Marshall 333605
Teaching and examinations Christine Thulborn 766025 Teaching
Postgraduate admissions (prospective Masters and PhD students)
Christine Thulborn 766025



Postgraduate administration (current students) Christine Thulborn 766025 Current graduates
Accounts (financial)
Sandy Norton 333623 Accounts
IT Support Erik Timmers 766114 IT Support
Library Hazel Zheng 333613 Library
Research grants Liz Willstead 333636
Photography and graphics Chris Green 333606 Photography and graphics


Vehicle pool

Alison Gelder 333641


Vehicle pool

Web site



See also the services page which includes research services available to people outside the Department.

Some named section heads have a team of staff. See the web sites for more information.

Within the University you omit the first digit of the phone number. Outside Cambridge you need the area code

01223 in front. Outside the UK you need +44 1223 in front.