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Former Group Members

R Aggarwal
J F Aparicio Institute of Biotechnology INBIOTEC, University of León, Spain
A Baerga-Ortiz Associate Professor, University of Puerto Rico
S Bali Research Associate, University of Oxford
C Barrie
L Basiliya
G Berry
L Betancor
Associate Professor, Universidad ORT Uruguay
S S Bethell
D J Bevitt
A Bhatt

Medical Research Council CDA Fellow, Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology, University of Birmingham

C Bisang


S Boakes Associate Director of Microbiology/Deputy Programme Manager at Cantab Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., Luton
G A Bohm
I Bohm
M Bolle
A M Bridges
M J B Brown
M Bycroft
P Caffrey
H Cohen
H Cooper
J Cortes
R J Cox
A L Cutter (Wilkinson)
M Deacon
Y Demydchuk Senior Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline plc, London
N J Dunster
Q Fan

Senior analyst, Credit Suisse

E Frost
M-J Fernandez Lozano Research and Development Scientist-Biochemistry at Phico Therapeutics Ltd., Cambridge
S Gaisser
I S Galloway
J Garcia-Bernardo

RNAi HTP screen facility manage, Commissariat a l'energie atomique (CEA) Saclay, Paris

S Garner Patent Attorney, Mathys & Squire LLP, London

H Ghoorahoo
R Goss Readership in Biomolecular/Organic Chemistry, University of St Andrews
M Gregory
H Hailes Professor of Chemical Biology, University College London
S Handa
U Hanefeld Professor of Biocatalysis, Delft University of Technology
P Harrison
M L Heathcote GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage
A Hill
I Hlozbauer
W Hüttel

Junior Research Group Leader, University of Freiburg

M Jones
D Kearney
G Kearney
J L Kellenberger Chief Scientific Officer, Basilea Pharmaceutica
L E Khaw
F Klein
A Konig
D Kwan

Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of British Columbia

O Lazos Analyst, PRMA Consulting, Athens Greece
R Lill
P F Long
P A S Lowden Lecturer in Chemistry, Birkbeck, London
H Mamdani

Computational Chemist, Prometic Biosciences, Cambridge

A Marsden
A-L Matharu
A Mingardi
T Mironenko

Cancer Genome Project, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton

I Molnar
S Morris
A Murphy
Y Noreen-Roddis
L Ostergaard
K Pennock
A Ranganathan
G A Roberts
M Roddis
C J Rowe (Martin)
A Schneider
F Schulz
T Schwecke
C J Smith
L Smith Investment Analyst, Reed Elsevier Ventures, London
D Spiteller Emmy Noether Research Group Leader, Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Ecology
C Squire
Y Sun
I Thomas
J Thwaite European Patent Attorney, Syngenta
M Timoney
L Tran

Science Educator, Digital Creative, and Communications Strategist, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York

F Trottman


O Vergnolle

Post-Doctoral associate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

M Wall


K E Weissman

Molecular and Structural Enzymology Group, Lorraine University, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France

J Westcott


M Wheatcroft

Research Manager, Avipep, Australia

N Whitehead


B Wilkinson

Project Leader, Molecular Microbiology, John Innes Centre

C Wilkinson


G Wirtz


M Yurkovick


P Ziegler (Simic)


Peter Leadlay 2010

Herchel Smith Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Telephone: (01223) 333656, Fax: (01223) 766002