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Toby Call (Graduate Student)

Toby Call (Graduate Student)



Oxford (Biology) and UCL (MRes Synthetic Biology).


Knocking out terminal oxidases and other electron sinks in the cyanobacterium Synechosystis sp. PCC 6803 in a bid to increase electrical power output in a biophotovoltaic device.  

The Howe lab is a smorgasbord of fascinating topics of research, but the concept of harnessing solar energy directly via photosynthetic organisms was simply too awesome to pass up.  It may not save the world anytime soon, but such novel approaches to bioenergy keeps the dream of a green economy simmering.  Fuelled by tea and cake, there's rarely a lull in the bench top banter and never a dull moment in the lab.

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Professor Chris Howe
Professor of Plant Biochemistry

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