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Hollfelder group

Súil Collins

PhD student
Joined the lab: July 2014
Background and Current Projects: For my undergraduate degree I studied Medicinal Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin, during which time I also carried out a 12 month R&D industrial placement in GSK Stevenage. After receiving my B.A in 2013, I came to Cambridge to take part in the BBSRC Doctorate Training Program in Biological Sciences. The first 8 months of this program took the form of a Masters of Research, in which I carried out laboratory rotations, studied taught modules and designed my own collaborative Ph.D. project. This project focuses on the identification and development of small molecules capable of inhibiting the aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins, through the development of a microdroplet based assay and diversity-oriented synthetic chemistry. For this interdisciplinary project I work with the Hollfelder group, the Laser Analytics Group (Dept. of Chemical Engineering) and the Spring group (Dept. of Chemistry).
Interests:  I enjoy travelling, especially meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I also like to keep active and play basketball with the Cambridge University Women’s Basketball Club.

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[2] Y. Wu, L.B. Olsen, Y.H. Lau, C.H. Jensen, M. Rossmann, Y.R. Baker, H.F. Sore, S. Collins, D.R. Spring (2016). Development of a Multifunctional Benzophenone Linker for Peptide Stapling and Photoaffinity Labelling. ChemBioChem, 17, 689-692. read online
[1] E. Alza, L. Laraia, B.M. Ibbeson, S. Collins, W.R.J.D. Galloway, J.E. Stokes, A.R. Venkitaraman, D.R. Spring (2015). Synthesis of a novel polycyclic ring scaffold with antimitotic properties via a selective domino Heck– Suzuki reaction. Chemical Science, 6, 390. read online

Suil Collins

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