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Department of Biochemistry


Remkes Scheele

PhD student
Joined the lab: June 2017
Background and Current Projects: During my Masters in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Groningen, I was involved in two major research projects. The first was in the group of Prof. Roelfes in Groningen, where I created a new artificial metalloenzyme by genetically incorporating hydroxyquinoline-alanine in the hydrophobic pocket of an otherwise non-catalytically active transcription factor. The hydroxyquinoline side chain was coupled with several metal complexes, capable of catalysing two biotransformations. The other project was in the group of Prof. Arnold, where I build on the efforts of previous students to develop a biocatalytic platform to produce β-branched tryptophan derivatives from cheap achiral substrates.
As a PhD student in the Hollfelder group, I hope to gain a more fundamental understanding of structure-function relationships in enzymes. Furthermore I would like to use directed evolution on mammalian protein kinases to assist in drug development against several types of cancer associated with upregulated MAPK pathways.
Interests: Movies, travelling, and speciality beers.


Remkes Scheele 

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