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Department of Biochemistry


Paul Zurek

PhD student
Joined the lab: April 2017
Background and Current Projects: I studied Biosciences at the University of Münster and finished with a M.Sc. in 2017. During my bachelor’s thesis in the lab of Alexander Steinbüchel I combined a metabolic engineering approach to increase fatty acid synthesis with the comparative assessment of different acyl transferases to the ultimate goal of fatty acid ethyl ester production, so called micro diesel, in E. coli. In my master’s thesis in the lab of Joachim Jose I engineered whole-cell biocatalysts, created by auto-transporter mediated bacterial cell surface display, to accelerate the degradation of cellulose. I am currently doing my PhD within a collaboration between the Hollfelder group and Johnson Matthey, sponsored  by the Marie S-Curie ES-Cat network. My research project addresses how to discover and generate new biocatalysts for the synthesis of amines using directed evolution and high-throughput microfluidic droplet screening approaches.
Interests: I like to play volleyball, especially beach volleyball on summer days. Also, I like to get together and play board games.


Röttig A., Zurek P.J., Steinbüchel A. Assessment of bacterial acyltransferases for an efficient lipid production in metabolically engineered strains of E. coli. Metabolic engineering 32 (2015): 195-206. Read online


Paul Zurek 

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