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Department of Biochemistry


Maya Petek

PhD student
Joined the lab: October 2015
Background and Current Projects: I studied Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge, where I graduated with MSci in 2015. My dissertation project was synthesis of DNA bases with naturally occurring modifications, which were to be used in structural studies. In 2014, I worked on two enzyme catalysis projects in Kurt Faber's group in Graz, Austria. I joined the Hollfelder group as part of the BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme, which allows me to undertake two rotations projects. Currently I am working on combining high-throughput droplets-based assays with deep mutational scanning approaches to dissect enzyme function and robustness (in collaboration with S. Emond).
Interests: I enjoy dancing, learning languages and travelling across Europe. In the summer I like to go hiking or cycling in the countryside.


Maya Petek

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