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Department of Biochemistry


Katrin Fischer

PhD student
Joined the lab: October 2017
Background and Current Projects: I studied Biochemistry at Technical University of Munich, receiving a Master’s degree in September 2017. During my bachelor’s, I worked in the lab of Prof. Michael Groll on elucidating the crystal structure of a bacterial terpene cyclase. Additionally, I participated in the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition with Prof. Arne Skerra's lab which sparked my interest in synthetic biology. In one of our projects, we successfully employed genetically modified moss to eliminate micropollutants from wastewater.
In my master’s, I explored the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia during a semester abroad at the National University of Singapore. During an internship at Roche in Munich I got a glimpse at an industrial setting, learning about humanised mice and cancer immunotherapy. For my master’s thesis, I went to the lab of Prof. Sven Panke at ETH Zurich, working on the development of a platform for ultra-deep characterization of gene regulatory elements for synthetic biology applications.
I am passionate about using nature's toolbox and human creativity to build biological devices with novel functions. Hoping to combine my interests in protein engineering, synthetic biology and medical research, my PhD will focus on developing therapeutic proteases, exploring the synthetic biological concept of modularity.
Interests: travelling, cooking, exploring the outdoors.


Morath, V., Truong, DJ., Albrecht, F., Polte, I., Ciccone, R., Funke, L., Reichart, L., Wolf, C., Brunner, A., Fischer, K., Schneider, P., Brüggenthies, J., Fröhlich, F., Wiedemann, G., Reski, R. & Skerra, A. Design and characterization of a modular membrane protein anchor to functionalize the moss Physcomitrella patens with extracellular catalytic and/or binding activities. ACS Synthetic Biology 3, 990–994 (2014). Read online

Baer, P., Rabe, P., Fischer, K., Citron, CA., Klapschinski, TA., Groll, M. & Dickschat, JS. Induced-fit mechanism in class I terpene cyclases. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53, 7652–7656 (2014). Read online


Katrin Fischer

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