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Department of Biochemistry


Joel Rogers

PhD student
Joined the lab: October 2017
Background and Current Projects: Before coming to university, I gained my first laboratory experience at the University of Manchester’s Department of Life Sciences, funded by the Nuffield foundation. I continued on to study BA and MSci degrees in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry) at the University of Cambridge, returning to Professor Charles Streuli’s lab in Manchester during the summer of 2014 to investigate the roles of integrins and environmental stiffness in breast cancer. In 2015, I developed Java plugins for the ‘Icy’ image analysis software and subsequently automated quantification of heterochromatic foci in senescent cell cultures, funded by the BBSRC in Prof Wolf Reik’s lab, Babraham Institute. For my Bachelor’s thesis, I worked with Dr Frank McCaughan in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge investigating the importance of inflammation in the development of bronchial epithelial cell dysplasia using organotypic culture systems. The research component of my Master’s degree was carried out in KJ Patel’s lab at the MRC LMB, where I used epistatic analyses to help elucidate the biological significance of a newly discovered alternative pathway of DNA interstrand cross-link repair and generated new inducible cell lines for subsequent investigations. For my PhD, I am working in the Hollfelder lab in collaboration with MedImmune, building on the work of Sylwia Mankowska and in parallel with Thomas Fryer on the development of phenotypic screening in microfluidic droplets, funded by a BBSRC CTP.
Interests: Music, football, programming


Joel Rogers

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