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The Department's buildings are currently open for wet laboratory work only. We have carried out a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and have introduced a number of new measures to ensure the safety of our staff, including reduced building occupancy, strict social distancing, 'family'-based working, and increased cleaning and hygiene regimes. All staff who can work remotely will do so for the foreseeable future. Please continue to contact us by email until further notice.

Department of Biochemistry


Joachim De Jonghe

PhD student
Joined the lab: January 2016
Background and Current Projects: After receiving my BSc in Life Sciences at EPFL, I decided to move to London for a MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. I completed my master thesis at the centre for Synthetic Biology under the supervision of Dr. Tom Ellis, where I evolved bacterial and Yeast promoters to improve transcription rates and create new DNA parts using mutagenic PCR.
As my career interests gravitated towards research, I decided to apply for a Msc in Molecular Medicine at EPFL to strengthen my background in molecular biology and engineering. I then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to complete my thesis at the Broad Institute under the supervision of Dr. Paul Blainey, to develop a microfluidic device for library preparation of clinical isolates for next-generation sequencing (NGS).
As a PhD student in the Hollfelder lab, I will continue to explore the interplay between microfluidics and next-generation sequencing, with a focus on single-cell transcriptomics.
Interests: I enjoy travelling (like everyone else in the Hollfelder lab), listening to music, playing some pool and some guitar.


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Joachim De Jonghe

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