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Department of Biochemistry


Joachim De Jonghe

PhD student
Joined the lab: January 2016
Background and Current Projects: After receiving my BSc in Life Sciences at EPFL, I decided to move to London for a MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. I completed my master thesis at the centre for Synthetic Biology under the supervision of Dr. Tom Ellis, where I evolved bacterial and Yeast promoters to improve transcription rates and create new DNA parts using mutagenic PCR.
As my career interests gravitated towards research, I decided to apply for a Msc in Molecular Medicine at EPFL to strengthen my background in molecular biology and engineering. I then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to complete my thesis at the Broad Institute under the supervision of Dr. Paul Blainey, to develop a microfluidic device for library preparation of clinical isolates for next-generation sequencing (NGS).
As a PhD student in the Hollfelder lab, I will continue to explore the interplay between microfluidics and next-generation sequencing, with a focus on single-cell transcriptomics.
Interests: I enjoy travelling (like everyone else in the Hollfelder lab), listening to music, playing some pool and some guitar.


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Joachim De Jonghe

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