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Hollfelder group

Eleanor Campbell

Joined the lab: March 2018
Background and Current Projects: I obtained my BSc (Honours) at the Australian National University and stayed on at ANU for my PhD in the research group of Assoc. Prof Colin Jackson. During my Honours year and PhD, I investigated the structural causes of functional change in the directed evolution of bacterial phosphotriesterase and became interested in the use of X-ray crystallography as a tool for better understanding enzyme evolution. I also worked on engineering bioactive materials for use in synthesis, medicine, and bioremediation. My work in the Hollfelder lab involves applying microfluidics for the laboratory evolution of enzymes and investigating the mechanisms of adaption of extremophiles.
Interests: I love reading, bouldering, and knitting. It’s hard to do all three at the same time!


Campbell, E.C., Grant, J., Wang, Y., Sandhu, M., Williams, R.J., Nisbet, D.R., Perriman, A.W., Lupton, D.W., Jackson, C. J. (2018) Hydrogel-immobilized supercharged proteins. (accepted)

Campbell, E.C., Correy, G.J., Mabbitt, P.D., Buckle, A.M., Tokuriki, N., Jackson, C.J. (2018) Laboratory evolution of protein dynamics. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 50, 49-57. Read online

Campbell, E. C., Kaltenbach, M. Correy, G.J. Carr, P.D. BT Porebski, Livingstone, E.K., Afriat-Jurnou, L., Buckle, A.M., Weik, M., Hollfelder, F., Tokuriki, N., Jackson, C.J. (2017) The role of protein dynamics in the evolution of new enzyme function.
Nature Chemical Biology 12 (11), 944. Read online

Kaltenbach, M., Jackson, C.J., Campbell, E.C., Hollfelder, F. Tokuriki, N. (2016) Reverse evolution leads to genotypic incompatibility despite functional and active site convergence. eLife 4. Read online

Eleanor Campbell

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