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Department of Biochemistry


Chloé Bleuez

PhD student
Joined the lab: June 2017
Background and Current Projects: I studied chemical engineering at the National Engineering School of Chemistry of Montpellier (ENSCM) in France where I received my bachelor degree in 2014 and from which I graduated in October 2016. I worked on the study of oxidation and reduction reactions coupled with platinum complexes at the institute of molecular sciences of Marseille for a 2 month internship within my bachelor studies. I then performed two further internships to complete my Master degree. I first joined a start-up company, Phost’in (Montpellier, France), to take part in the development of anti-cancer drugs through organic synthesis approaches. I then joined Merck Biopharma (Switzerland) to work on the optimisation of production processes for protein therapeutics. After graduating from ENSCM, I briefly joined UCB Pharma in Belgium to work as an associate scientist in upstream processes for the production of monoclonal antibodies before joining the Hollfelder lab and MedImmune as a PhD student within the ES-Cat network. My current work addresses the development of novel therapeutics designed from engineered proteases and protein binders such as recombinant antibodies.
Interests: I enjoy skiing, traveling and sports.



 Chloe Bleuez

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