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Department of Biochemistry


Thomas Fryer

PhD student
Joined the lab: October 2015
Background and Current Projects: In 2014 I completed my Master of Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge, during the course of which I undertook multiple research projects. My Bachelor’s project involved looking at the production of gas vesicles in the Serratia genus of bacteria, for which I discovered two new regulators. Following on from this I joined the Hollfelder lab as a Masters student, where I worked on the accessibility of alternative evolutionary trajectories in the alkaline phosphatase superfamily, discovering a putative role of the C-terminus in the specificity of the PAS enzyme. After graduating, I joined Immunocore ltd. for a 9 month placement working on the evolution of soluble T-cell receptors to target cancer-specific antigens. During this time I gained valuable experience in an industrial setting that led me to apply for the PhD I am now studying for. A collaboration between the Department of Biochemistry and MedImmune, I will be looking to continue the work of Sylwia Mankowska in developing a high-throughput phenotypic screening assay for in vitro displayed antibody libraries using droplet based microfluidics.
Interests: I am a keen squash and football player, as well as enjoying any activity that gets me outdoors. I love travelling, and will take any excuse to explore new places.


Thomas Fryer

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