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The Department's buildings are currently open for wet laboratory work only. We have carried out a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and have introduced a number of new measures to ensure the safety of our staff, including reduced building occupancy, strict social distancing, 'family'-based working, and increased cleaning and hygiene regimes. All staff who can work remotely will do so for the foreseeable future. Please continue to contact us by email until further notice.

Department of Biochemistry


Thomas Fryer

PhD student
Joined the lab: October 2015
Background and Current Projects: In 2014 I completed my Master of Natural Sciences degree from the University of Cambridge, during the course of which I undertook multiple research projects. My Bachelor’s project involved looking at the production of gas vesicles in the Serratia genus of bacteria, for which I discovered two new regulators. Following on from this I joined the Hollfelder lab as a Masters student, where I worked on the accessibility of alternative evolutionary trajectories in the alkaline phosphatase superfamily, discovering a putative role of the C-terminus in the specificity of the PAS enzyme. After graduating, I joined Immunocore ltd. for a 9 month placement working on the evolution of soluble T-cell receptors to target cancer-specific antigens. During this time I gained valuable experience in an industrial setting that led me to apply for the PhD I am now studying for. A collaboration between the Department of Biochemistry and MedImmune, I will be looking to continue the work of Sylwia Mankowska in developing a high-throughput phenotypic screening assay for in vitro displayed antibody libraries using droplet based microfluidics.
Interests: I am a keen squash and football player, as well as enjoying any activity that gets me outdoors. I love travelling, and will take any excuse to explore new places.


Thomas Fryer

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